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Preventative Care

Visiting the Dentist Twice a Year

You brush regularly and your teeth don’t bother you. Is it really necessary to see the dentist every six months? YES!!!!!!

Keeping up with proper dental hygiene, including regular dental visits, isn’t just a matter of oral health, but of your health in general. Your mouth offers clues about your overall wellness. Conversely, if your teeth and gums are in poor condition, the rest of your body can be affected.

Why You Should Come

Your mouth is full of bacteria. Most of it is harmless, but if left uncontrolled by poor oral hygiene, the bacteria can reach levels that cause infections like tooth decay and gum disease. The body responds to infection by attacking it, which in turn causes inflammation in the mouth. This leads not only to tooth and bone loss, but is linked to other ailments like diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Why you should keep coming

Practicing preventative care is the most important step in keeping bacteria in check and dental disease at bay. We do our part when you come in for your regular check-ups with meticulous cleanings, a thorough examination, and preventative treatments like sealants and fluoride. Most importantly, we’ll review proper at-home care and nutrition with you so you can do your part. A few moments of prevention can mean an entire lifetime of good oral health.

Preventative Care Techniques for Good Oral Care:

Tooth Brushing


Tongue Cleaning

Oral Hygiene