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Teeth Whitening

Freshen up your smile

Most people’s teeth naturally lose their shine over time, while certain foods and habits can stain teeth and ruin the look of your teeth. If this has happened to you and you want to add some pearly back into those whites, we can help.

Why come to a dentist for teeth whitening?

Many Canadians turn to the wide range of whitening options available on drug store shelves and online, but they can’t get you the results a professional dentist can. In addition, the claims these products make are often exaggerated, so results can sometimes be disappointing.

How do we whiten?

We simply apply a bleaching agent made up of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide to the front surface of your teeth. Then we apply a curing light or laser to activate the bleaching agent. The peroxide is left on the teeth between 30 and 60 minutes, and voilà, a whole new you!

Alternatively, we can provide you with an at-home whitening solution that you use for ten to fourteen days.

Is teeth whitening safe?

The procedure is very safe — especially when done by a dental professional in our office. It won’t affect your enamel, gums, fillings or any other dental work you may have undergone.

The ingredients in whitening agents have been used for years. While they might make your teeth feel sensitive or tingly at first, the feeling will subside. There is absolutely no harm done to your teeth or gums. The only difference will be a brighter, whiter and more confident smile.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

The price of teeth whitening can vary. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and we’ll help you determine the ideal treatment.