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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeovers for Picture-Perfect Grins

Do you hide your teeth in photos? You’re not alone. A number of patients come to us unhappy with their smiles.

Whether you have an event like a wedding coming up, a job interview you’re preparing for or just want to be happier with the person staring back at you in the mirror, our smile makeover program can help restore the look of your mouth and make you proud to flash your pearly whites.

  • If you have a damaged tooth in the front of your mouth, we can cover it with a crown and colour it to match your other teeth.
  • Missing teeth in the front of your mouth? We can fit you with a bridge to fill it in with an artificial tooth that looks and feels just like a real one.
  • Feeling a bit crooked? Veneers might be exactly what you need to straighten you out.
  • Coffee stains have you feeling less than hot about how your teeth look? A round or two of teeth whitening will get you back to bright.

When you book your appointment, tell us you’re looking for a smile makeover and we’ll recommend the best course of treatment when you come in.

We look forward to seeing the new you!