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Cosmetic Dentistry

Create the smile of your dreams

Once upon a time, the teeth you were born with were the teeth you were stuck with. Today, thanks to modern technology and advances in dentistry, we’re able to restore your countenance and your confidence. If you’re not 100% happy with the look of your smile, we can help get you there. Here are some common blemishes cosmetic dentistry can correct:

Chipped tooth: We can fix it with a bond, hide it with a veneer or cover it with a crown.

Discoloured tooth: We can mask it a number of ways, or we can whiten it.

Crooked teeth: There are a number of options at our fingertips to straighten your smile ranging from orthodontics to topical solutions like veneers and bonds to surgical procedures like implants.

The cost of cosmetic dentistry

While you can’t really put a price on a full, confident smile, we have to put a price on creating it for you. For an estimate, please contact us to schedule an initial consultation in which we would be happy to discuss payment options.