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We're open! Learn more about our March COVID-19 protocols.

5 things a person’s teeth can instantly reveal about them

It’s impossible not to notice someone’s teeth when you meet them. Even if you’re polite and know to only look a person in the eye, you’ll catch a glimpse of their teeth in your peripheral vision.

For people with clean mouths and healthy teeth, this is a real advantage; a set of pearly whites can make quite the impression. On the other hand, stained, damaged, or otherwise unmaintained teeth elicit internal shrieks in anyone who’s not expecting them. They’ll never say anything. But their body language – even just for second – will give it all away.

So what can you gather about someone by the cleanliness and presentability of their mouths, or lack thereof? In no particular order:

Attention to Detail

Someone who meticulously flosses every night, handles all their spots of plaque and puts forth a straight smile is someone you want setting an example in your company for hard work, diligence and commitment.

Self Confidence

A person who’d let the state of their mouth fall into such disrepair that it actually shocks someone looking at them clearly doesn’t feel good about themselves. Ironically, a visit to the dentist and a fresh mouth could be exactly what they need to regain their sparkle.

Personality Type

While the link between the shape of a person’s teeth and their personality hasn’t been proven, it hasn’t been disproven either. The theory associates four general character types to the four most common tooth shapes: dynamic (triangular-shaped), strong (rectangular-shaped), sensitive (oval-shaped) and peaceful (square-shaped). It’s subliminal, but it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. And it happens fast. We process this kind of information subconsciously before it even gets to the cerebral cortex for critical thought.


Most stains result from overusing either coffee, cigarettes or red wine. And if it’s gotten to the point where teeth are being permanently stained, there’s an issue that needs resolving.

A Love for Parsley

That’s just obvious.



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