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We're open! Learn more about our June COVID-19 protocols.
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Teeth Friendly Foods

The foods you eat aren’t the exact cause of tooth decay. But what they do to your bacteria-fighting saliva is what either keeps your mouth clean or leads you on the magical journey to exciting places like Gingivitis Valley and Periodontitis Island.

When you eat sugary foods like candy or even dried fruits, the bacteria in your mouth converts the sugars into acids. Almost immediately, these acids start breaking down the enamel on your teeth. So the secret is to eat the foods that keep your saliva stable and, in turn, your mouth decay-free.

Here are some foods that will act as cupids for your cuspids:

Apples are full of water, which not only dilutes the sugars that are in them but also stimulates the production of saliva, helping to flush food out of those pesky, hard-to-reach flossing spots.

Cheese & Milk
Rich in calcium, dairy products offer the body all the nutrients it needs to keep your teeth strong. When your body is low in calcium it will search for reserves elsewhere. And where does it find it? Possibly your teeth and their surrounding bone. Your body may leach calcium from your teeth and their surrounding bone to stay healthy. Crazy, but true.

Like apples, carrots are chock-full of water and, better yet, vitamin A.  Great for general health, vitamin A also helps build enamel on your teeth. Think of enamel as a knight’s armour. It’s the first thing the decay-causing acids hit so better to keep it strong.

These nutritional nuts are perfect for maintaining healthy gums and are high in magnesium, which is essential in keeping bones and teeth strong. For a double whammy, try them in a salad – vegetables are great for your teeth.

Fish tends to be a powerful food being full of (good) fatty acids and plenty of vitamins, all of which are good for overall health. Salmon in particular is full of vitamin D, which aids the body in its absorption of calcium.

Nothing beats water to keep your mouth flushed of food.  Also, most tap water contains fluoride which is great for keeping your teeth strong and decay free.

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