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We're open! Learn more about our June COVID-19 protocols.
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Don’t mind the gap or diastema

A gap between your two front teeth (what we in the dental field call a diastema) isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you brush, floss and rinse regularly, there’s no reason to close it and if there is, your dentist will tell you.

Some people chose to close it with veneers, crowns or bonding or through orthodontic solutions like invisalign. But if you own it and decide that you’re rockin’ your gap, you’re not alone. Check out these gapped celeb smiles:


Michael Strahan

Before he created gaps in opposing teams’ offensive lines and filled the morning gap left by Regis, this guy was born with a signature gap in his teeth that helps define him. Somehow, he just feels more relatable and fun.


Uzo Aduba

Here’s an actress who came out of nowhere to become a perennial award nominee. Uzo’s family’s from Nigeria, where gapped teeth are seen as a sign of intelligence, so her mother refused to close it, despite the pleas. Now the gap’s one of her signature features.


Anna Paquin

We all first saw the gap when Ms. Paquin won the 1993 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at age 11, and it’s suited her ever since. We think it matches her wide eyes and full face quite nicely.


Lauren Hutton

She was an icon of her time, full of class and grace with an unmistakable husky voice and an equally unmistakable gap that graced the covers of magazines for decades and made her the face of Revlon, Chanel, Lord & Taylor, H&M and Club Monaco.


Flea – Our Favourite Diastema

We couldn’t have a list like this without a shout-out to one of the boys, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ bassist Flea (born Michael Balzary). He is one of the most well-recognized musicians on the planet, and was voted by the editorial team at Rolling Stone Magazine as the second greatest bassist of all time behind The Who’s John Entwistle. Flea’s also in The Big Lebowski, one of our favourite movies.

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