We're open! Learn more about our July COVID-19 protocols.
We're open! Learn more about our July COVID-19 protocols.

Mouthwash and the associated benefits

More than refreshing and bad-breath banishing, mouthwash can be part of your dental regime. While it is not a replacement for brushing and flossing, they do have some additional benefits that might be helpful. And you have options; this popular retailer, for example, carries 183 different mouthwash options. Here are a few of the varieties and what they do:

Antimicrobial mouthwash

Delivers up to 12 hours of fresh breath, and they also offer fabulous teeth- and gum-cleansing properties.

Anti-cavity mouthwash

Contain fluoride to protect your teeth. And most have cetylpyridinium to guard against plaque formation.

Antibacterial mouthwashes

Help neutralize plaque bacteria around the gum line, helping to reduce and/or repair early gum disease.

Whitening mouthwashes

Contain ingredients like hydrogen peroxide that can brighten up teeth with regular use, while freshening breath and protecting against plaque.

Moisturizing mouth rinses

Are great for cleaning teeth and neutralizing chronically dry mouth — usually a side effect of medication — thanks to its fluoride and glycerin.

Arginine mouthwashes

Contains arginine, a substance that is naturally found in saliva that reduces gum and tooth sensitivity. As well as minimizing sensitivity, the evidence suggests that arginine also helps break down dental plaque.

Most of these solutions need at least 60 seconds of contact with your mouth to work properly.  And it’s best to stick to an alcohol-free mouthwash. Alcohol dries out your mouth and that can promote bad breath and decay… exactly the opposite of what you want.

Let’s be clear though, mouthwashes and rinses do not replace brushing and flossing, but they can be used in conjunction to improve your overall dental health.

Do you need help choosing the best type of mouthwash for your best dental health? Ask us at your next appointment.  We are more than happy to discuss the options and share our opinions.  We are here to care for your smile.  Till next week.

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