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We're open! Learn more about our May COVID-19 protocols.

How To Kill Bad Breath Just In Time For The Holidays

Indoor party season is the worst time to be walking around with bad breath. You’re in close proximity to a lot of people in hot, stuffy rooms. You’re socializing with friends and colleagues, and if there’s that special someone you can finally muster up the nerve to ask out, the holiday season’s the perfect time to try.

So if you’ve been told you have bad breath, kill it now so you’re ready for the revelry and confident speaking to anyone. A few dietary changes in advance of the season will make all the difference:

Crunchy veggies and fruits to cure bad breath

There’s no avoiding the fatty foods over the holidays, and we’d never tell you not to indulge in cheese platters, shortbread or a gorgeous roasted duck, but as the fat from those foods sits in your stomach and ferments, the odour comes back up and sticks to your tongue. Blech! Crunchy produce like carrots, broccoli and apples – in addition to being healthy – kill bad breath by acting as natural tongue brushers.

6 cups of water a day

Sure, you’ll have a few drinks over the holidays (and some nights, maybe more than a few). And whether it’s wine or spirits, the acid does nothing good for your breath. So balance it out with extra water during the day and feel free to throw down whatever you want at night.

More green juice and less coffee

On cold, dark mornings, you may think you need that second cup of coffee to get you through to lunch, but if you replace it with a green smoothie, you’ll have better breath and feel so much better. Yogurt, frozen fruit, a bit of milk, a bit of water and a blender. Bang!

Gum with xylitol

Despite what your dentist may have told you as a kid, the right chewing gum isn’t bad for your teeth. But go out of your way to find gum with xylitol – an antibacterial agent that works double duty to keep your breath fresh.

Mint leaves or parsley

Not into chewing gum? Pack a few herbs in a bag and chew on those. They’re the most natural way to freshen your breath, but do keep a toothbrush and toothpaste handy so you don’t show up to the party with a speckled-green smile.

And finally…don’t smoke.

If you do, you probably start every January promising yourself that this’ll be the year. Get a head start on it, and reap the benefits of fresher breath and a longer life.

Happy holidays from all of us at Yonge Eglinton Dental!

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