We're open! Learn more about our May COVID-19 protocols.
We're open! Learn more about our May COVID-19 protocols.

Teeth Whitening Pros and Cons

Teeth whitening has quickly grown into one of our most popular services – especially around this time of year when folks are coming in for a fresh start to the new year or even buying a teeth whitening package as a gift.

Like anything, teeth whitening has its pros and cons. And while we fall heavily on the pro side, we think you should have all the information so you can make an informed decision on whether it’s right for you.

Con: Sensitivity can occur after a teeth whitening procedure.
Pro: The sensitivity is temporary.

You may experience some sensitivity after using the teeth whitening solution. To combat this, a simple over the counter pain reliever like Tylenol will help. The sensitivity is temporary and should only last for a matter of days.  Also for in-office teeth whitening, we offer a relief gel that helps combat this.

Con: Teeth whitening doesn’t last forever.
Pro: Maintenance of the results are easy

The results are not permanent. The longevity varies from person to person and can be influenced by diet (e.g. red wine, blue berries, coffee etc.). In order to maintain the results, from time to time you will want to use the whitening trays for one to two applications. Additional syringes of whitening solution can be provided at our office.

Con: It isn’t for everyone
Pro: If it’s for you, it can be life-changing

Teeth whitening is not suitable for everyone and various factors may cause your dentist to recommend against using it (e.g. pregnancy, allergies etc.) However, if it is safe for you to use, you’ll notice an immediate change in your confidence.

If you’re thinking of whitening your teeth, book a consultation with us and your dentist can determine if whitening is right for you. If you do, we’ll book you in as soon as we can and get you ready to shine in 2018.

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