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The Best Smiles on The Toronto Blue Jays

We’re big on baseball at Yonge Eglinton Dental and we don’t try to hide it. When the Toronto Blue Jays do poorly, we’re affected. When they do well, we’re affected. And when they’re in the playoffs with a legit chance of going to the World Series, we’re all kinds of affected.

We also, of course, notice the players’ smiles. And there’s a lot to notice — not just because they’re playing well. This is a team of diverse yet objectively awesome smiles.

So without further ado, our top five pics for the MVP: most valuable pearly-whites.

#5 Marcus Stroman, Pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays

Strow has a confident smile — like he knows something that you don’t. That part comes through in his eyes, but check out his mouth. He shows all his teeth, an indication of having nothing to hide. When you’re going through family photos, look for people with closed-mouth smiles. There may have been a reason behind this.

#4 John Gibbons, Manager for the Toronto Blue Jays

Gibby’s smile is honest. And judging by the laugh lines around his eyes, he’s been a whole lotta happy lately. Unfortunately, laugh lines have been given the unfortunate name “crow’s feet,” as if they’re a bad thing. We don’t see it that way.

#3 Edwin Encarnacion, First Base and Designater Hitter for the Toronto Blue Jays

Eddie’s got a full smile. Look how it takes over his whole face. Santa Claus has a smile like this. So does Drew Carey. And Barack Obama. These are people you can’t help but feel good around. And Double-E’s doubling up on the positivity with his bat.

#2 Troy Tulowitzki, Short Stop for the Toronto Blue Jays

Tulo’s smile is subdued — more like a grin. Deep thinkers have this kind of smile. He doesn’t flash it very often, and his mouth never opens wide when he does. But that’s what makes it special: you have to work hard to get it.

#1 Russell Martin, Catcher for the Toronto Blue Jays

His is the best smile on the team because it’s inviting. It welcomes you to share in its joy. It’s confident, honest and full. But more than that, it’s comforting. Like, if Russell’s happy, then everything’s okay. And, of course, it’s 100% Canadian. Just like Yonge Eglinton Dental.

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