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A Winning Smile From Hollywood

A killer smile will take you a long way in Tinseltown. Sometimes it can be even more im-portant than the ability to act. But when you can combine chops and chomps, you’ve got something special. That’s Denzel. Check out how bright his smile is and how straight his teeth are.

There’s a great scene in Glory where he flashes his signature grin before he challenges one of his fellow soldiers to a fight. It’s hard to notice anything about the scene.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Christie Brinkley.

Here’s a lady who can’t act. At all. Not even Chevy Chase could get her to loosen up. But we don’t care because that smile makes her time on screen totally worth it.

And what’s interesting about both Denzel and Christie is that they’re both in their 60s! But you wouldn’t know it by how white their pearlies are.

So who else made our killer Hollywood Smiles list for 2016?

Gabrielle Union’s Smile


If you watched the Raptors/Heat series during last year’s playoffs, you probably spotted “Ms. Wade” in the stands. And if you did, you probably kept waiting for the camera to pan back to her. There’s something naturally comforting about symmetry, and Gaby’s got it. Coincidentally, a study was done back in the ’90s, and Michelle Pfieffer was deemed to be the prettiest woman on the planet, due in large part to her facial symmetry.

Bradley Cooper’s Smile


Sometimes you don’t need symmetry if you have a perfect imperfection. Check out Bradley Cooper’s smile and how his right side drags a bit. This tends to match the char-acters he plays (a bit off-kilter).

Jennifer Aniston’s Smile


Now, we’re a bit biased on this one because we’re firmly on Team Jen as opposed to Team Angelina. What makes Jen’s smile so radiant is how her lips frame it. And see how her facial lines further frame it? That’s the kind of smile that compels you to look.

Taron Egerton’s Smile


Here’s a relatively new face that we gravitated to — although to be fair, it may have had something to do with Kingsmen: The Secret Service, the movie we saw him in first — it may have been 2015’s best. Taron doesn’t often show his teeth when he smiles; he’s more the cheeky grin type, but when he does, there’s an authenticity to his smile.

Who do you think has a killer smile? Tell us on Twitter @YongeEgDentist.

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