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We're open! Learn more about our March COVID-19 protocols.
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Need Teeth Whitening in Toronto?

Are your teeth as white as you’d like them to be?

Most Canadians visit the dentist regularly and follow a steady dental routine of brushing and flossing. However, tooth stains can still happen. If they become too stained, you might not have the confidence in your smile that you deserve.

Many people seek out teeth whitening in Toronto when they want brighter smiles to share with the world. If you are interested in teeth whitening, it’s essential to know all your options before seeking out a solution that will work for you.

What Causes Discolouration of Teeth?

Tooth discolouration can happen for several reasons. Some of them are preventable, while others are beyond your control. Here are six potential causes of tooth discolouration:

  1. Food: Eating certain fruits and vegetables such as berries, beetroot, tomato sauces, and curries can all cause stains on your teeth
  2. Drinks: Coffee, tea, red wine, dark pop, and fruit juice can harm the appearance of your teeth
  3. Tobacco: Smoking cigarettes or using chewing tobacco can contribute to stained teeth
  4. Trauma: Certain traumas, illnesses, and diseases that affect enamel can cause your teeth to look stained
  5. Medical treatment/medications: Chemotherapy and radiation are known to discolour teeth, as can medications to treat certain conditions such as high blood pressure or allergies
  6. Age: As we age, our tooth enamel becomes thinner, revealing the underlying dentin and giving the appearance of discoloured teeth

There are many off-the-shelf whitening kits that you can do at your convenience. Most of these treatments involve gels or whitening strips you apply to your teeth over a period of time.

However, many people choose to have the procedure done at their dentist’s office for better convenience, a shorter treatment time, and more thorough results.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening at the dentist’s office?

The most significant advantage of having your dentist whiten your teeth is that you are receiving a customized treatment that will maximize the effectiveness of the whitening therapy. Take-home whitening kits purchased at your pharmacy only offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions that might not provide the right treatment for you.

Your dentist will be able to monitor the treatment closely, and will have a much clearer view of your teeth than you will in your bathroom mirror.

It’s also much more comfortable to have a professional attend to your whitening needs rather than fussing with strips or gels at home. If you have any questions or concerns, your dentist can answer them right then and there, bringing you additional peace of mind. Moreover, your dentist will be able to manage any adverse consequences associated with the whitening therapy.

Your dentist will do all they can to ensure that the procedure goes as smoothly as possible, and be able to provide expert guidance when applying in-office treatments such as Philips Zoom Whitening.

What is Zoom professional whitening?

Here at Yonge Eglinton Dental in Toronto, we use Philips Zoom Whitening to help give you a brighter smile. Zoom is a safe, effective tooth whitening procedure that’s only available for use by dentists in their offices. It offers significant enamel protection as well as extra lustre for up to eight shades of whitening.

Many take-home whitening kits can potentially harm your teeth or gums. However, the Zoom procedure protects your mouth from irritation that whitening solutions can cause. The process also involves light-activated technology proven to be 40 percent more effective than non-light-activated procedures.

Best of all, you can have the brighter smile you want in less than one hour and without repeat visits. You can get whiter teeth over your lunch break or just before that important event or big date!

What should I expect during my Zoom teeth whitening treatment?

The professional in-chair Zoom teeth whitening procedure is fast, easy, and very effective in giving you a whiter smile.

When you have the procedure done at Yonge Eglinton Dental in Toronto, here’s what you can expect during your appointment:

  1. Your dentist will welcome you into the office and answer all of your questions about the procedure
  2. Your gums are covered with a protective barrier to avoid irritation
  3. We apply a specially formulated hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel to your teeth
  4. Your teeth are exposed to the Zoom light, which activates the gel
  5. The gel is left on your teeth for 15 minutes to penetrate the enamel and remove both surface and interior stains (this step is repeated approximately 3 – 4 times)
  6. We remove and rinse the gel from your teeth
  7. We apply a post-treatment gel that will help protect your tooth enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity

We closely monitor the procedure to ensure that you’re completely comfortable and that everything is progressing as expected.

Will I need to follow any at-home care instructions after I complete my Zoom teeth whitening treatment?

Your dentist will give you specific care instructions that will help the effects of the procedure last as long as possible. It’s essential to adhere to these tips for the first 48 hours following your treatment, as your teeth will be particularly vulnerable during this period.

These simple instructions include:

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and desensitizing toothpaste
  • Brush and floss gently to avoid wearing down soft post-treatment enamel and irritating the gums
  • Limit your consumption of dark coloured food and beverages such as coffee, red wine, and chocolate
  • Use a straw if drinking dark coloured beverages
  • If you smoke, quit to help safeguard against further staining and to protect your overall health
  • Continue to practice good oral hygiene

Teeth whitening has never been easier or offered better results than Zoom at your dentist’s office. Give it a try and proudly showcase your best, brightest smile ever!

Need teeth whitening in Toronto? Give Yonge Eglinton Dental a call.

At Yonge Eglinton Dental, we use the Zoom Teeth Whitening system for outstanding results in just over one hour. Make an appointment with us today for a smile you’ll be proud to show the world!

Give us a call at 416-932-2222 or book an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you!

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