Make Brushing Fun

Teaching kids about dental hygiene can be trying, but make it fun for them and they’ll be more likely to hold onto those healthy habits later in life. If they’re as excited about brushing their teeth as they are about eating their vegetables, try one of these techniques the next time they put up a fight:

Make It A Game
There’s an app for that! Aquafresh has created a brush time app that can help keep your kids brushing for two minutes. The app plays a song and offers chances to collect points as they brush. The app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Show Them
Pick up a disclosing agent from your pharmacist to show your kids where plaque builds up in their mouth. After they’ve chewed the tablets, a pink residue will show up wherever there is plaque, showing them exactly what they’re fighting when they brush.

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Buy your child a toothbrush in the same colour as yours and brush your teeth together. Make it a team effort and show them that brushing is something that everyone does. If they’re still slow to pick up their brushes, take turns brushing each other’s teeth and get them started by having them brush your teeth first.

Your dentist can also help encourage dental hygiene at dentist appointments, so book an appointment for your little guy or girl and we’ll help you brighten their smile .