Fillings for back teeth have traditionally been made of amalgam. Amalgam is a compound of metals and is a dark colour. Until recently there was no material as strong as amalgam for fillings on back teeth. Now, with a procedure called bonding and a material called composite your dentist is able to provide tooth coloured fillings. Tooth coloured fillings appear more natural, and the bonding process can strengthen the teeth. Bonded fillings are used for front teeth also.

How long do bonded fillings last?
There are many variables including size, location, and biting forces that can affect the filling’s longevity, but generally speaking between seven and ten years.

Do they require special care?
It is important to brush and floss all your teeth on a regular basis.

What is the difference between bonding front teeth and porcelain veneers?
Both can be used for similar problems such as spaces or discoloured teeth, but veneers will generally last longer, look better and have better colour stability.