We're open! Learn more about our June COVID-19 protocols.
We're open! Learn more about our June COVID-19 protocols.

Dental insurance Predeterminations: Who, Why and How to Ask for One.

We understand that cost is a very real factor in determining whether or not you can move ahead with a recommended treatment plan. Even if you have insurance, it might not cover every aspect of it.

A predetermination is a no-cost estimate prepared by your insurance company that will tell you how much of our recommend dental plan is covered and how much you will be responsible for.

You ask us (your dentist) for a predetermination. We’ll then fill out all the necessary paperwork and send it off to your insurance company. They can take as little as one business day to turn it around, and the response will either to come to you directly, our office, or we will both receive a copy.  Each insurer has a different way of doing this.

Because like in any other aspect of your life, you should be an informed consumer. The last thing we want is to perform a procedure you thought would/should have been covered by insurance. A predetermination will ensure that there no surprises after your treatment is completed.

Ask us. We don’t see it as a negative. Quite the opposite, we see it as a positive sign of someone who’s taking an active role in understanding all aspects of their dental treatment.

If you need us to talk to your insurance company on your behalf, we’re happy to do that as well. If and when you do decide to go ahead with a procedure and run it through insurance, we’ll take care of all relevant claim submissions on our end.

The convenience of a more seamless relationship with your dental insurance provider: just one of the many ways we keep you smiling.

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