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Minor Tooth Repair Made Easy

Dental bonding is a painless way to fix a chipped tooth or hide a discoloured tooth. It’s non-invasive, affordable and can be done in one visit.

To bond a tooth is to apply a thin layer of composite resin over its surface to hide what’s beneath it, or on top of it to restore a chipped tooth to its original shape.

  • We’ll prepare the tooth surface to work well with the composite resin.
  • We’ll then choose a resin colour to match the colour of your natural teeth and layer it on to either fully cover or rebuild the tooth
  • The last step is to shape and polish the resin to make it feel like a smooth, natural tooth

The Durability of Dental Bonding

Bonds are not meant to last a lifetime. You’ll most likely have to come in for a touch-up once in a while, but luckily they’re very easy. The best way to ensure a long-lasting bonded tooth is to take care of it like you would any other tooth in your mouth.

  • Avoid habits like fingernail biting and pen-cap chewing
  • Practice good oral hygiene
  • Keep having regular check-ups

Benefits of Teeth Bonding

A bond can go a long way to create a healthy confidence in anyone.

  • It can improve a smile by hiding an unsightly discolouration
  • It can restore a chipped tooth to its original shape
  • It can fill small gaps between neighbouring teeth
  • It can make you want to smile with your mouth open again

Replacement of the dental bonding on the central incisor following orthodontic treatment:

dental bonding before image


after dental bonding image