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We're open! Learn more about our May COVID-19 protocols.

Pickle Barrel: The emporium next door

If you’ve never been to the Pickle Barrel, you don’t know what “choice overload” is. You’ll never in your life see a bigger, more diverse menu. But more importantly, you’ll never see so much divergent quality on a menu. It’s not that they do a few things well, they do EVERYTHING well.

How Yonge and Eglinton got a Pickle Barrel Location

The Yonge and Eglinton location was Pickle Barrel’s third location after the flagship at Leslie and Cummer and Promenade Mall. And given the demographics around here, they couldn’t have chosen a better spot.

Young families love that there’s something on the menu to suit every kid’s taste  including seriously delicious french fries. And for the parents, the bar is fully stocked with everything you may want or need  you can even go sit at the bar for a much-needed break from the mall madness that is the Yonge Eglinton Centre.

Speaking of the bar, Pickle Barrel adds to the area’s “Young and Eligible” reputation as a pretty good date spot. The lighting at the bar suits a romantic encounter, and the appetizer portions are perfect for sharing. If the date goes well, you can go across the hall to Indigo for more chit chats. If not, you can go next door to the movie theatre where you don’t have to talk at all.

The Pickle Barrel takeout counter: great for a quick lunch

The neigbourhood’s full of highly rated and much-visited takeaway spots, but if you have the time to wait a bit longer for your order, it’s worth the trek up to the second floor of the Yonge Eglinton Centre. And no matter what you order, don’t leave without a box of famous Pickle Barrel party sandwiches. You don’t need to be having a party, a get-together or a soireé. You just need to be the kind of person who likes to eat really yummy food.

Speaking of which…

The Caesar salad. It’s a must. In fact, it’s the one thing you absolutely must try at least one. It’s a bold statement given (a) how great their deli and desserts are, (b) how international their menu is and (c) there are no pickles or barrels associated with a Caesar salad. But OH…MY…GOD.

If you can somehow get hold of their Caesar dressing recipe, we STRONGLY urge you to make an appointment to see us so we can clean your teeth and get it from you.

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