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We're open! Learn more about our July COVID-19 protocols.

Our Five Favourite Hollywood Smiles

Hollywood is full of great smiles from wide grins of pearly whites to crooked smirks and sinister sneers. Here are five of our favourites:

Julia Roberts


Her turn as Vivian in Pretty Woman brought her big bright grin to the forefront, where it’s remained ever since. Not to say she’s not a good actor — but what do you really think about when you hear her name? Her portrayal of innocent Irish housemaid “Mary Reilly”? Her groundbreaking work in “Stepmom”? Face it, you think about that smile.





Denzel Washington


A calm and cool confidence is what Mr. Washington’s smile gives off. We feel like he would be a good guy to have alongside if we wanted to get a good deal on a new car. Or maybe a spaceship. How could you say no to him? Despite tending to play serious roles on the big screen, Denzel is thankfully all smiles for the paparazzi.






Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge

image003Ok fine, she isn’t technically from Hollywood but her smile certainly rivals celluloid celebrities. Kate (oh, pardon us, Catherine: the Duchess of Cambridge) is armed with the perfect smile to take on her new role as a bastion for goodwill and humanity. And when she puts away the Royal grin for her sensational smirk we can’t get enough.






Cameron Diaz

image006We aren’t actually sure how Cameron does it — how can a smile so big look so great?! Seriously, you can see that thing from space! Cameron’s genuine likability surely has something to do with how a smile like hers can light up a room. It would be like bringing a fog lamp to a candlelight dinner. In a good way, of course.






Steve Buscemi

Not all smiles haveimage009 to be beautiful to be memorable. Steve Buscemi’s crooked grin has no doubt played a part in him landing roles like creepy kidnapper Carl Showalter in Fargo and crime lord Enoch Thompson in Boardwalk Empire. Although dentists have reportedly suggested Buscemi get his crooked teeth fixed he claims if he did he would never get hired in Hollywood again. We can see his point. Kinda.

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