We're open! Learn more about our March COVID-19 protocols.
We're open! Learn more about our March COVID-19 protocols.

March Break at Yonge and Eglinton

March Break is awesome for kids and hellish for parents – especially those with young children whom they have to entertain for a whole week.

Most parents take at least one day off during March Break if they can. Others will take the whole week off. Either way, when you have a day to spend with your kids, the city’s full of fun things to do. And if you find yourself near mid-town, and you want to take advantage of your proximity to Yonge and Eglinton to do a bit of shopping in the Yonge Eglinton Centre, here are a few ways you can justify dragging them along on your “you-time:”

Donuts at Uncle Betty’s (2590 Yonge Street)

Uncle Betty’s has become a neighbourhood staple. More specifically, their donuts have become staples. Unfortunately, their chocolate donuts are only available on the weekends, but their Cinnamon Sugar is so good that it doesn’t much matter. Once your kids get a taste of that scrumptious dough, they’ll do whatever you need them to do.

A March Break visit to Gamerama (2470 Yonge St)

These guys have been selling video games to kids at Yonge and Eglinton for over 25 years. They were around for Sonic, GoldenEye and Xbox Live. They know what’s what and they won’t steer your kids wrong. Leave there with a shiny new console and your kids will let you spend all the time you want in Sephora.

Toys R Us (2300 Yonge St)

No, it’s nothing fancy, but a toy store is a surefire winner. And with the movie theatre  and the Pickle Barrel down the hall, you can make a day of it. The kids’ menu at the Pickle Barrel is particularly yummy, and please (please, please) don’t leave without trying one of their signature shakes.

Of course, if the weather cooperates and you want some outdoor fun, you’ve got Eglinton Park on the west side of the strip and Greenwood Park on the east side. The former is great for picnics and frisbee. The latter is perfect for hikes and dog walks.

Have a fabulous March Break!

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