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We're open! Learn more about our June COVID-19 protocols.

9 Toothpaste Life Hacks

When Colgate invented modern toothpaste in the 1950s, they were trying to create a significant advancement in at-home oral care. But they got way more than that. Consider the following:

Toothpaste Hole In Wall Patch Hack for Quick and Easy Fix

Dab toothpaste onto the wall, then smooth it out with a playing card.

Relieve the itch from bug bites

A drop will cool the area down. Best to apply before bed (and after brushing) and leave it on overnight.

Toothpaste to clean shoes?

The cleaning agents in toothpaste can take out scuffs in leather and remove dirt from plastic or fabric. Squeeze a bit on the spot, scrub it in with a brush or sponge, then wipe it clean with a cotton towel.

Remove ink stains from your skin

Regular hand soap always leaves a hint of the ink on your hands. Toothpaste doesn’t — and you don’t need that much.

Wash out water rings on wood

Use a small amount, a damp cloth and a bit of time to buff gently (no serious elbow grease required). It may take a few rounds, but it’ll work. It’s best to test first on a less visible area if your piece of furniture is an antique.

Clean baby bottles

Instead of risking soap residue ingestion, use children’s toothpaste as it’s already been approved for kids to swallow.

Lift collar stains

Save the money you’d spend on to-go sticks. A brush and a bit of white toothpaste is all you need. Scrub the toothpaste in, rinse it out, then wash your shirt as you normally would.

Take crayon stains off painted walls

For anyone with kids, drawn-on walls are going to be a reality one day. Don’t panic. Dampen a cloth, run in some paste and scrub the wall. The crayon wax will come right out.

Extend the life of your iron

Your iron can develop a crust over time that can damage it, or even worse, your clothes. Use a little bit of paste and a cloth to clean the iron plate every so often.

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