Mouthwash: More Than Just Fresh Breath

We’ve all grabbed a cheek-full of mouthwash for those moments when our breath has to be on point — before meeting the in-laws or after the occasional all-you-can-eat garlic festival, for example. But these minty concoctions can have many more benefits than simply saving your date from disaster; in fact, they can offer your mouth some serious health and hygiene benefits. We’ll go over just what exactly these benefits include, and what to look for when picking up your next bottle.

Gargle Away Gum Disease
Did you know that a good mouthwash can help fight periodontal diseases and gingivitis? When plaque builds up on your teeth and gums, it can lead to the formation of complex bacterial biofilms. Mouthwash with antibacterial ingredients can kill these bacteria before they spread and develop into something really unpleasant. If you have any ulcers in your mouth, and many of us do now and then, the antibacterial ingredients can eliminate bacteria in the area of these sores. This can help stop further irritation and let the sores heal faster. On top of that, some mouthwashes can reduce the risk of cavities forming on your teeth! Which types, you ask? Well read on…

Know What to Look For
You’re going to want to get brands that include fluoride. This amazing substance can be found in our drinking water, and is a strong contributor to oral health. Mouthwashes with fluoride complement your oral care regimen by increasing your teeth’s resistance to decay, and can even reverse the effects of decay once it’s started!

You also don’t need to go for mouthwashes with alcohol content. It’s not that they’re all bad, but high alcohol content can contribute to other issues in the oral cavity. Here’s the bottom line: look for mouthwashes that are endorsed by either the American Dental Association (ADA) or Canadian Dental Association (CDA). They’ll steer you in the right direction! If you’re still unsure, you can ask us at your next appointment.