Teeth Polishing: Give bacteria the slip

A tooth polish is the last step of your dental appointment. It not only gives you a bright, sparkling smile to take out into the world with you, it’s also a very important piece of protection.

The health benefit of a teeth polishing
It’s impossible to avoid exposing your teeth to bacteria. There’s the natural variety in your saliva that sits in your mouth all the time.

The more bacteria that winds up clinging to your teeth, and the longer it sticks around, the more likely it will turn into plaque and tartar. Polishing your teeth smoothes them out, making it harder for bacteria to hang on.

The polishing process
First, we remove any plaque you came in with. This is called scaling, and it’s done by loosening plaque either manually or ultrasonically, then washing it away with a cool mist spray.

Once that’s done, we get to polishing with a prophy cup, which is like a little buffer, or a prophy jet that polishes with a jet stream of water and sodium bicarbonate. Either way, you’ll have a shiny smile and a smooth surface to ward off future plaque attacks.

Stay smooth
The best way to maintain an even surface on your teeth is to maintain good oral hygiene. Brush twice a day, use, floss daily, replace your toothbrush regularly and be sure to see us at least twice a year.