Resolve to take better care of your teeth

Lots of people talk about bettering themselves this time of year. Attendance at the gym skyrockets, healthy foods fly off the shelves faster than normal and people are hyper-diligent with their oral hygiene. The key is to keep it going through to March – passing the three-month mark gives you a much better chance of seeing your resolution through.

With that in mind, here are a few motivators to help you keep up your efforts in the oral health department:

Everyone Else Is Doing It

According to numbers from the Canadian Dental Association, we as a country are very good to our mouths and teeth. 88% of Canadians see oral care as an important part of their overall health. 85% visit their dentist at least once every two years and 73% brush twice or more every day.

If you represent the minority in any of these statistics, this is the time to switch sides. The best thing you can do is book your first dentist appointment of 2014. You’ll start the year off with a snapshot of what your mouth looks like, and you’ll have something to benchmark your progress at this time next year.

A Clean Mouth Closes More Deals

The more care you take of your mouth and teeth, the fresher your breath will be. If you’re on the dating scene or looking for a new job, your mouth and bad breath could be the difference between success and failure.

Fresh breath isn’t just about a mint or a stick of gum before go-time. It’s about flossing away the microscopic bits of food before they start rotting between your teeth. It’s about brushing your tongue. And it’s about seeing the dentist regularly to make sure there are no infections or situations in your mouth that can make your mouth a liability.

Bright Smile, Happy Soul

We feel how we look; and if we’re looking at a discoloured, misshapen or incomplete smile, we’re not feeling too good. A visit to your dentist can get you well on your way to fixing that grin so you’re not ashamed to beam it proudly. And the more you can smile, the better you’ll feel.