Dental Implants – The Strong, Titanium Type

Dental implants have come a long way from the chiseled pieces of seashell we found in the mouths of the Mayans. The real kicker came in the 1950’s when an orthopedic surgeon discovered that titanium would naturally fuse to bone. This process is called ‘osseointegration’, and it’s what makes dental implants the sturdy, natural-looking, self-esteem-reviving solution they are today.

But not everything about dental implants is about looks. They also feel and function like a natural tooth. This makes a big difference compared to a solution like dentures. Here’s some perspective: your natural teeth can bite down with about 200 pounds of force, while people wearing dentures can only bite down with only 50 pounds. That’s the difference between eating a steak and eating oatmeal. We know what we’d rather have for dinner.

While not for everyone, dental implants can have an almost 98% success rate, and they come to the rescue for all kinds of problems. Patients with fractures and injuries, cavities, swollen gums, loose or missing teeth; bone loss, failed dental work have all come to us for dental implants, and they’ve all left with a bigger, better, stronger smile.

If you’ve been thinking of getting dental implants or want to know more about them, come in for a consult. We’re doing some amazing things with them these days.