The Yonge Eglinton Dental Team


Dr. Leon Fisher
Dr. Leon Fisher

“What’s always been most important to me are
the patients, who they are, what are their needs
both physically and psychologically, and how I
can help them best through their particular
dental issue.”
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Dr Kenneth Rozansky
Dr. Kenneth Rozansky

“People are the main reason I went into dentistry
and this hasn’t changed. I find great satisfaction
in being able to meet the needs of each of
my patients.”
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Dr Randy Fisher
Dr. Randy Fisher

“Yonge Eglinton is a patient-centred practice…
Those who come here need to know that they
come first and they are the ones that dictate
treatment. If it is the ideal solution for you,
then it is the best solution for you.”
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Specialty Treatment

Our Associates

Bettina Basrani
Dr. Bettina Basrani
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Dr Ron Zohar
Dr. Ron Zohar
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Dr. Avrille Bow
Dr. Avrille Bow
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Our Assistants

Top: Susan, Candy, Shelly, Carrie
Bottom: June, Rafi

Our Hygienists

Top: Jasmine, Donna, Sophie, Rosy
Bottom: Sharon, Melissa

Our Receptionists

Top: Carol, Tristen, Anna
Bottom: Linda, Lisa, Grace

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