We're open! Learn more about our March COVID-19 protocols.
We're open! Learn more about our March COVID-19 protocols.

More green space at Yonge and Eglinton

Behind all the cranes in the area (and we’re seeing a lot of them lately) is a major transformation of the neighbourhood – one that includes a ton of new green space, something every neighbourhood should want and probably needs.

Most of the new green space is attributed to condo development — which is also going to mean more area residents.

If you’re thinking about moving to our neck of the woods, you can take solace in a few things:

Firstly, you can come here knowing that you’ll have a dentist. We’re accepting new patients and we’d be thrilled if you were one of them.

Secondly, the concrete jungle that looks to be coming is so much more. Here’s an announcement from one of the developments en route to completion. They’re just down the street from us and as you’ll read, they’re doing things the right way.

Yonge and Eglinton is already the #1 neighbourhood in Toronto

Seriously. Toronto Life said so. And so do we. It’s fantastic here: bustling but familiar. Everything you need within walking distance, and so much of what you’d want. Easy access to the subway, the highway and soon both airports.

And the influx of new condos means new people from around the world, so it’s about to get even better.

What will you use the new green space for?

Dogs? Kids? Walking with your honey and stopping for a kiss? Yeah…that sounds good.

But you know what sounds even better? New restaurants on the strip. We’re hoping for Peruvian, Ethiopian and possibly some Scottish (Haggis is trending everywhere these days). But if we get another delicious Italian joint, that would be just fine too. Hard to beat paninis and Pellegrino on a patio in the summer, and no place better to do it than Yonge and Eglinton.

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