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We're open! Learn more about our July COVID-19 protocols.
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10 Signs You Grew Up at Yonge and Eg

One of the perks of living at Yonge and Eg is the family-friendly atmosphere here. It’s been a wonderful place to raise kids for generations, and it comes with telltale signs.

You say Yonge and Eg, not Yonge and Eglinton.

You know the “Linton” isn’t optional. It’s simply forbidden.

You associate Eglinton Station with the smell of Cinnabon.

They can do all the renovations they want to the Yonge Eglinton Centre, but for the love of John, NEVER get rid of that gooey oasis that is Cinnabon

You laugh at the people parking at Sporting Life.

You don’t have to deal with that mess. You walk there.

You know the Good Bite will always be the best greasy spoon breakfast joint ever.

Nothing will ever come close to their hash browns.

You send guests to park on Craighurst Avenue.

It’s the only street in the neighbourhood where you can leave your car on both sides whenever you want.

You defend Sherwood Park as the city’s best.

You let people wax all poetically about Trinity Bellwoods or Withrow or High Park. But you know the truth.

You have a soft spot for the Canada Square movie theatre.

No, it’s not a big fancy Cineplex like the one across the street. But you know it’s where you go to see films instead of movies.

You’ve thrown down at the Rose and Crown

It’s a rite of passage around here. And no matter how many other pubs open up in the ‘hood, the R&C will always be the one.

You keep a watchful eye on the property on the southeast corner of Eglinton and Holly

You can’t understand why no business survives there, and you always pull for anyone who takes over the space.

You’ve visited us

We’re as Yonge and Eg as it gets

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