The Other Benefit of Flossing

The new year is all about starting good habits. Flossing is one of the best ones to get into, and not only for your teeth and gums.

Flossing and the Broken Window Policy
When Rudy Giuliani became the mayor of New York, he implemented what became known as the “Broken Window Policy” to clean up the city. The idea was this: fixing the broken windows would start a chain reaction of betterment. The windows would lead to the alleyways, then to the streets, parks and public spaces. In just under a decade, New York City went from a relative dump of a city to the world-class destination it is today.

Flossing every day can be your version of the Broken Window Policy.

It’s a simple habit you can stick to that takes less than two minutes to do (well, four minutes because you should be flossing twice a day). But by flossing every morning, you start the day with a little achievement to motivate you. If you flossed then you might as well have a healthy breakfast. And you might as well go to the gym and give 100% at work and go the extra mile for your kids. And before you know it, you’ve done everything right all day.

Get into the flossing habit
The best way to remind yourself to floss is to leave your floss out on the bathroom counter so you see it every day. If you put your floss in a drawer, you’ll inevitably forget one day, which will give you permission to forget about it the next day.

And when you do floss, remember to please be gentle with your gums. Also, remember to floss before you brush so whatever you dislodge gets washed away.

If you don’t think you’re flossing correctly or you need a quick refresher, just ask us at your next appointment and we’ll be happy to get you started on a regular flossing regiment again.