Dental Clinics and Book Stores: A Perfect Match


The Yonge and Eglinton Indigo bookstore is just across the street and down two blocks. It’s also the best way out of the subway station if you’re coming to your dental appointment by TTC — especially in the winter because you can stay warmer for longer and pick up a hot tea at the café.

But another reason we love being near Indigo is because of all the magazines we inherit.

Like any good dental clinic, we stock our waiting room with a cross-section of reading material. But we know we can’t please everyone, which is why some patients stop at Indigo’s huge, bright and well-organized magazine section before their appointment to pick up something they want to read. Many times, despite our efforts to prevent it, they leave their purchase behind, which improves the quality of our selection from that moment on.

We’ve gotten the standard titles over the years like Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and The Economist — although, far fewer Economist readers leave without their magazines, so it’s kind of a treat for our patients when we get to keep one.

We also get some very interesting foreign-language mags. We don’t understand any of it, but a lot of the photography is excellent, especially in the European ones.

Of course, some people bring books to their appointments instead of magazines, and we like that too because we get some great recommendations. And when we come across a must-read, it’s just a short hop across the road and down two blocks to pick it up.

Finally, the Yonge and Eglinton Indigo is one of the company’s best locations in terms of breadth, including an amazing health-and-wellness section and fantastic sweets in the café, perfect for celebrating another successful visit to the dentist.