Your child has a chipped tooth. Now what?

They say a dirty child is a happy child. The same is true for a child with a chipped tooth, because most of the time, it happens when they’re climbing, sliding, running, jumping or spinning in a circle until they fall down.

Remember that these baby teeth are just that  baby teeth. They’ll eventually fall out and be replaced with a new set of adult teeth. But if they chip their teeth you should still book an appointment to have the tooth assessed. If it’s a minor chip, sometimes all we have to do is smooth it out so it doesn’t cut their lip or ruin family photos. If the chip’s more significant, we might fill the tooth in or provide additional treatment.

Eating with a chipped tooth

Children are picky eaters at the best of times, so if a chipped tooth is keeping your child from eating, it should be addressed. After the trauma, their mouth will be tender the first day or so. During this time, maybe don’t worry about pushing them to eat corn on the cob or anything like that. But if any pain persists, it’s possible that the tooth is chipped worse than it may seem. A chip could be a crack that extends all the way up to the root which will need to be addressed.

Speaking with a chipped tooth

Depending on which tooth is chipped and how severe the chip is, the result could be a change in the way your child speaks. This is a problem because you want your child speaking as much as possible and developing their oral language abilities— and that’s harder to do when a chip is impeding pronunciation. It can lead to a loss of confidence, which may stunt development. Best to check in with your child’s teacher. If he or she notices changes in participation or that your child is quieter than usual after a chipping incident, make an appointment and let’s get that chip fixed.

Chips happen

For children a chipped tooth is a badge of honour. It means they are active and having fun. And that’s really all you can ask for.

Why do we floss our teeth? This is why.

Why do we floss our teeth? Well if you don’t floss your teeth, a good brushing will only get them 65% clean, which means 35% of your tooth surface isn’t being cleaned at all. Would you only clean 65% of your house or car and consider it done? Would you put in 65% effort into your job and consider it a successful workday? So why not take the 100 seconds (yes, that’s all it takes) to floss properly? It’s less than two minutes a day.

There are many other reasons to floss, but we thought that this simple statistic was pretty convincing. This got our collective minds racing to find a few more interesting tooth and mouth-related numbers our readers might enjoy. We found a lot, but these were our top 10:

Other stats not related to the question of Why do we floss our teeth?

10. You’ll produce over 23,500 litres of saliva over your lifetime – enough to fill two regular-sized swimming pools.

9. 83% of people say their teeth are more important to their appearance than hair and eyes.

8. North Americans spend more that $2.3 billion annually on dental products (toothpaste, floss, brushes, mouthwash). This includes over 4.8 million km of dental floss.

7. 100 years ago, 50% of North Americans had none of their own teeth. Today, less than 10% of 65+ people are missing one tooth.

6. People who drink three or more sugary drinks a day have 62% more dental decay.

5. The Tooth Fairly paid out over $300 million to North American kids in 2016.

4. 59% of North Americans would rather sit in a dentist’s chair than sit next to someone talking loudly on a cell phone.

3. A sneeze flies out of your mouth at 965 km/h.

2. In 1986, the U.S. National Spelling Bee champion won by correctly spelling “odontalgia,” which means toothache.

And the best fact we found…

1. The average child laughs around 400 times a day.

Keep that last one in mind when you’ve had a bad day. Remember that you’ve had good days before. You know how to have them. So as you floss your teeth before bed, remember that tomorrow’s a brand new day to shine.

Going To The Movie Theatre at Yonge and Eglinton

As it cools down and a night at the movie theatre becomes a default plan for a Friday or Saturday night, Yonge and Eglinton is the place to go for two reasons: The Silver City at Yonge Eglinton Centre and the Canada Square the two movie theatres at Yonge and Eglinton.

Silver City Movie Theatre

The Silver City is everything you’d expect from a major multiplex: giant auditoriums, blockbuster titles, 3D screens and super expensive snacks. But the experience is worth the money, especially since they renovated the space.

Canada Square Movie Theatre

On the other hand, Canada Square is a Yonge and Eglinton movie theatre staple. It’s been around for decades and has become synonymous with independent and foreign films you generally can’t see anywhere else in north Toronto. The theatres aren’t as modern or impressive as they are at the Sliver City, but this is reflected in the cost.

As dentists, we should probably be telling you to avoid buttery popcorn for a few reasons: the kernels get stuck between your teeth, the salt dries out your mouth, the fatty butter sits in your stomach and causes bad breath and the un-popped kernels are an excellent way to chip your teeth.

But who are we kidding? Movies aren’t the same without popcorn, so go nuts. Get a large, top it with extra butter. Enjoy yourself! But if you want to do something to counter the effect of the tub ‘o’ corn, forego the soft drink for a large water. It’s healthier. It’s less filling. It’ll wash away the butter and salt from the popcorn and it is gentler on your teeth.

This winter, we’re obviously excited about the new “Star Wars” movie. But the other one that has our interest piqued is “Ferdinand,” the story of a bull who’d rather smell the flowers than fight in the ring.

Happy movie night!

How To Kill Bad Breath Just In Time For The Holidays

Indoor party season is the worst time to be walking around with bad breath. You’re in close proximity to a lot of people in hot, stuffy rooms. You’re socializing with friends and colleagues, and if there’s that special someone you can finally muster up the nerve to ask out, the holiday season’s the perfect time to try.

So if you’ve been told you have bad breath, kill it now so you’re ready for the revelry and confident speaking to anyone. A few dietary changes in advance of the season will make all the difference:

Crunchy veggies and fruits to cure bad breath

There’s no avoiding the fatty foods over the holidays, and we’d never tell you not to indulge in cheese platters, shortbread or a gorgeous roasted duck, but as the fat from those foods sits in your stomach and ferments, the odour comes back up and sticks to your tongue. Blech! Crunchy produce like carrots, broccoli and apples – in addition to being healthy – kill bad breath by acting as natural tongue brushers.

6 cups of water a day

Sure, you’ll have a few drinks over the holidays (and some nights, maybe more than a few). And whether it’s wine or spirits, the acid does nothing good for your breath. So balance it out with extra water during the day and feel free to throw down whatever you want at night.

More green juice and less coffee

On cold, dark mornings, you may think you need that second cup of coffee to get you through to lunch, but if you replace it with a green smoothie, you’ll have better breath and feel so much better. Yogurt, frozen fruit, a bit of milk, a bit of water and a blender. Bang!

Gum with xylitol

Despite what your dentist may have told you as a kid, the right chewing gum isn’t bad for your teeth. But go out of your way to find gum with xylitol – an antibacterial agent that works double duty to keep your breath fresh.

Mint leaves or parsley

Not into chewing gum? Pack a few herbs in a bag and chew on those. They’re the most natural way to freshen your breath, but do keep a toothbrush and toothpaste handy so you don’t show up to the party with a speckled-green smile.

And finally…don’t smoke.

If you do, you probably start every January promising yourself that this’ll be the year. Get a head start on it, and reap the benefits of fresher breath and a longer life.

Happy holidays from all of us at Yonge Eglinton Dental!

The Best Holiday Shopping at Yonge and Eglinton

The best part about our neck of the woods is that it’s 100% self-contained. People who live here literally don’t have to go anywhere else to get what they need  and that includes holiday shopping. Yonge and Eglinton is lined with ideas for anyone on your list.

Holiday shopping for the athlete

For the extreme sports freaks in your family, a visit to Sporting Life Bikes & Boards (2454 Yonge St at Roselawn) is your best bet. The accessories in there are fantastic and the staff walk the talk. Tell them about who you’re buying for and they’ll help you find the perfect gift.

Looking for more traditional gifts for more traditional sports? Sport Chek (2529 Yonge St between Keewatin and Sherwood) is the spot. And look out for the Toronto Maple Leaf gear. It’s bandwagon time.

Holiday shopping for the techie

Best Buy (2400 Yonge Street at Montgomery) is where you want to be. Selection, price and an excellent return policy make them a go-to. But more than that, the sales staff there don’t work on commission so no one’s going to push you into overspending.

Holiday shopping for the trend hunter

We’re loving the Drake General Store (2607 Yonge St at Albertus) for those kitschy things you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re part of an office Secret Santa, this is where you want to look innovative options..

Holiday shopping for the foodie

A gift certificate for a night out is always a good gift, and Yonge and Eglinton is full of places to send a friend. Right now, we’re big fans of Tio’s Urban Mexican (2584 Yonge St at Albertus). They do a to-die-for deconstructed taco.

Holiday shopping for you

Looking to treat yourself to something special this season? Think about a teeth-whitening session. Start the year off with fresh pearly whites and a killer smile.

Teeth Whitening Pros and Cons

Teeth whitening has quickly grown into one of our most popular services – especially around this time of year when folks are coming in for a fresh start to the new year or even buying a teeth whitening package as a gift.

Like anything, teeth whitening has its pros and cons. And while we fall heavily on the pro side, we think you should have all the information so you can make an informed decision on whether it’s right for you.

Con: Sensitivity can occur after a teeth whitening procedure.
Pro: The sensitivity is temporary.

You may experience some sensitivity after using the teeth whitening solution. To combat this, a simple over the counter pain reliever like Tylenol will help. The sensitivity is temporary and should only last for a matter of days.  Also for in-office whitening, we offer a relief gel that helps combat this.

Con: Teeth whitening doesn’t last forever.
Pro: Maintenance of the results are easy

The results are not permanent. The longevity varies from person to person and can be influenced by diet (e.g. red wine, blue berries, coffee etc.). In order to maintain the results, from time to time you will want to use the whitening trays for one to two applications. Additional syringes of whitening solution can be provided at our office.

Con: It isn’t for everyone
Pro: If it’s for you, it can be life-changing

Teeth whitening is not suitable for everyone and various factors may cause your dentist to recommend against using it (e.g. pregnancy, allergies etc.) However, if it is safe for you to use, you’ll notice an immediate change in your confidence.

If you’re thinking of whitening your teeth, book a consultation with us and your dentist can determine if whitening is right for you. If you do, we’ll book you in as soon as we can and get you ready to shine in 2018.

The “Healthy” Halloween Candy

Some days, you just have to accept that your kids are going to eat junk food. At the same time, you don’t want to just give in to the moment and let your kids do their worst to their teeth. You want to know that you’re doing something — anything — for your kids and their long-term oral health. Essentially, you’re looking for the best of the worst in this situation: healthy Halloween candy. As far as we’re concerned, that’s about as complete a victory you can expect to get on Halloween.

Caramel for the win

Research from the Forsyth Dental Center – a leading US research facility affiliated with Harvard University – found that caramel dissolves in the mouth faster than non-sticky foods like chips or even dried fruit. This means that caramel sits on your teeth for less time. Minimizing the time foods/candy is in contact with your teeth will reduce the damage they can inflict on your teeth. As far as healthy Halloween candy goes, that’s pretty good. By giving out caramel, you can confidently say you’re mitigating the effects of Halloween, and you’d have science to back you up.

Start a healthy Halloween candy trend

Depending on what kind of caramel you choose, you could either become the envy of the street or just another house (JAH).

Caramel-based chocolate bars: First of all, the caramel in there isn’t even real caramel. Second of all, it’s usually only part of a recipe (chocolate, nuts, etc.), which all but negate caramel’s “healthier” profile. — JAH

Caramel corn: The caramel here is just what you want. And despite what you may think, so is the popcorn because it’s fairly easy to floss/brush out of your mouth. Check out the Kernels store across the road at the Yonge Eglinton Centre. — ENVY

Hard caramel candy: This is what you’d find at the bottom of every great aunt’s purse. There’s nothing unique here. And what’s worse, they take forever to eat. Not terribly efficient for crushing a pillow case of Halloween treats. — JAH

Caramel pudding cups: Yes! It’s different. And from an oral care perspective, nothing sticks. Remember to toss a plastic spoon in there too. Fellow parents will thank you. — ENVY

A toothless smile: Our favourite NHL grins

It seems like yesterday that the upstart Maple Leafs shocked the hockey world with their gutsy playoff performance. Since then, we’ve been tapping our feet like Sonic the Hedgehog (shout out to Bob McCown) for the puck to drop on the ’17–’18 season. But before we get into the full swing of things (and because we’re a dental clinic), we thought we’d examine the toothless smile – the mugs that only happen on the ice.

Gordie Howe – our favorite toothless smile

When you play hockey at the highest level for parts of five decades, you’re bound to lose a few chicklets. This pic makes us laugh for a few reasons, but mostly it’s Mr. Hockey’s silver hair. The missing teeth kinda seem to fit, don’t they?

Dustin Brown

We’re told that when you win the Stanley Cup, every lost tooth is forgotten and all the pain’s worth it. We should hope so for Mr. Brown’s sake ‘cause he clearly has very few left. Although, his name will forever be engraved on sports’ most iconic trophy. And he can always come in for a set of implants.

Ken Daneyko

Here’s a guy who looks like he amassed 2,812 penalty minutes over 28 years in professional hockey. With 175 playoff games under his belt and three Stanley Cups to his name, you know he blocked a shot or ten with his face.

Keith Tkachuk

He’s the only American-born player on our list and among the best American-born players ever. He was hit so hard in his last playoff series that his three front teeth quite literally fell out of his mouth (true story). But when your number’s retired, you don’t notice.

Sean Couturier

Rounding out our top five is the youngest player on our list. Check out that five-hole in the middle of his face. And he’s only 24 years old. Keep on doing your thing, Sean. We’re proud of ya!

Top 6 new condos at Yonge and Eglinton

As a dental practice at Yonge and Eglinton, we’re always paying attention to the new condos developments in the area. Beyond the population boom in Toronto’s #1-ranked neighbourhood according to Toronto Life magazine, we love how unique these new condos at Yonge and Eglinton are, and the kinds of people they’re attracting to the area. And while our corner of the world’s pricier than others, the new buildings and neighbourhood amenities MORE than make up for it.

Art Shoppe Condos

The Art Shoppe and Yonge and Soudan used to be a neighbourhood staple for furniture. But now that people are furnishing their homes online, a showroom of that size has outlived its usefulness. So it’s being replaced with 650 residential suites, 33,000 sq. ft. of amenities, including a Freed rooftop pool, Karl-Lagerfeld-designed lobbies and 80,000 sq. ft. of retail.

1 Eglinton East

This 68-storey condominium will become the tallest condominium at Yonge & Eglinton. It’ll be a mixed-use building (office and residential), but the best part is going to be direct access to the TTC — both the subway and the new crosstown LRT. If going outside in the winter isn’t your thing, this is your place.

150 Redpath

King West style comes north in this gorgeously conceived development by the famous Freed group  they’re the ones who built most of bottle service alley on King between Spadina and Bathurst. The plan is a 24-hour in-building diner that will deliver to your unit, or even to the rooftop pool.

Whitehaus Condos

You may have noticed the giant hole in the ground across the road from our clinic where the strip plaza used to be. It’s about to be filled by one of the most highly anticipated builds in the city, much less the neighbourhood. The plan is high-end finishes, an entire floor of amenities and over 80,000 sq. ft. of retail.

E Condos

The best features of this build have to be the south-facing infinity pool on the 58th floor and breathtaking views of the city from the cantilevered red glass box. This one’s being built as we speak, and while completion date is still unknown, we can see direct TTC access.

But, of course, the best feature of the area is the local dental clinic. Book an appointment and you’ll see for yourself.