Why Early February is the Best Time for Teeth Whitening

If there’s ever a day to look your very best, it’s Valentine’s Day — a time to pull out all the stops, including getting your teeth whitened.  But Cupid’s Day isn’t the only reason February is the perfect month for teeth whitening.

It’s More Practical than January

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to look better, teeth whitening is an easy way to jumpstart your efforts. You’ll look better in the mirror, and way better in pictures because you’ll feel comfortable flashing a big smile.

But since January is about paying off December, most people book a teeth whitening. in the first week of January for the first week of February.

Winter Brings out the Stains in Teeth

Most people in Toronto are at their palest in February, even if they went away over the holidays. This makes the colour contrast of stained teeth that much more pronounced. You’ll notice it in pictures, especially since most of them will be taken inside with a flash. And even when you’re outside and bundled up in colourful coats, the contrast with the white snow in the background of any outdoor shot will have the same effect.

A Warm Environment on Cold Days

Having your teeth whitened is a great indoor activity on those -25˚ February mornings, especially at Yonge Eglinton Dental. Our staff is friendly, our operatories are set to just the right temperature and we use the latest advancement is teeth whitening technology. You can catch up on your reading, watch a little TV and leave looking far better than you did when you arrived.