The Tooth Friendly Menu at North 44˚


When there’s a really special occasion to celebrate around Yonge and Eglinton, only a table at Mark McEwan’s North 44˚ will do. It’s just up the street between St. Clements and Keewatin and it’s the kind of place where you often wait a moment or two to admire the look of your food before digging in. At least, that’s what we do.

What you might not know (and what they probably don’t even know) is that their menu is relatively tooth friendly.

Firstly, four of the eleven mains are fishes, which compared to meat and chicken is far better for teeth — not just because of the good acids, but because the meat is lighter and easier to remove from between teeth.

As for the non-fish options, there’s nothing caramelized or glazed (both of which can leave extra residue on the back of your teeth. On the contrary, many of the dishes are served with tooth-friendly sides. For example, the swiss chard served with the lamb loin is a green that doesn’t generally get stuck between teeth; and the pan seared chicken’s heirloom carrots have tooth-friendly vitamins.

We can’t, in good conscience, tell you that the dessert menu is good for your teeth. But we’re 100% sure that it’s excellent for your soul — especially the deconstructed tiramisu.