Neighbourhood Profile – Canada Post



So much has changed in the Yonge and Eglinton area since we opened our dental clinic back over 40 years ago, but one neighbour that’s been around the whole time is the Canada Post office just up the road at Yonge and Montgomery.

We go there from time to time and we’re always happy to see other people in there, too. Like the dentist, it’s another staple of a self-sufficient neighbourhood; which Yonge and Eglinton certainly is. I have a few friends who live nearby, and they often brag about never having to leave to area. Ever. And it’s true.

I’ve been really enjoying Canada Post’s newest marketing campaign, and their latest tagline: ‘Delivering the Internet’. Things were looking pretty dire for them, but they found a way to reinvent. And while it’s super-convenient to get what you order delivered to your door, there’s something special about dropping in to get your package and talking to the people in your community.

If you have a dog, our post office is a particularly fortuitous stop on a walk. They’ve got at least one box of milk bones in the drawer they don’t mind giving away to any four-legger with a smile. And in case you were wondering, they normally have the kind that’s good for your dog’s teeth.